The end of a special era!!

The end of a special era!!

It's time to take a step back after 7 years of Circling and enjoy what the next generation of Ladies is about to do.

The beauty of Ladies’ Circle International is the age limit, this is how we ensure constant Innovation, Inspiration and Presence.


I never imagined what my membership in Ladies' Circle could bring me and quite honestly it has brought me a lot.


I am grateful for the beautiful friendships around the world. For the lessons learned while organizing (online) meetings, (charity) events, working together with large & small teams, making a TV broadcast and traveling abroad.


As a national board member, I learned how diverse teams can work together and run an “organization” together.

Working and having lots of fun with all my partners at Ladies’ Circle, Agora Club, Tangent Club, Round Table & 41 Club has enriched me personally and certainly professionally.


I hope that with the candle that burns in my heart for Ladies' Circle I have been able to transfer the fire many times.

Together we make this world more beautiful.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my special journey.

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