Yes You are ready!!

Conversations with friends or family have not yet provided you with sufficient clarity and you will not really get any further online either. Then it's time to not have to do it alone anymore.

I promise you that finding your answers, faster better and I promise you can be more fun by calling in professional support.


A good substantiation is of course desirable for making your next choice.

Although I will immediately inform you that few choices are cast in concrete, so that you can always make a different, better choice for the new moment at a later time.

What emerges clearly in every process is that if you know what your craftsmanship is and you actually radiate this as a professional, you can be found automatically.


Then your time has come, in which you can choose that fun assignment, project or team.


The individual products/services are listed in Dutch under the "For you" tab.

Click around to see if it's right for you. Do you think after reading that you actually have a slightly different question / approach. Then I cordially invite you to leave your contact details so that I can contact you, or schedule a free and non-binding coffee meeting to see if we are a match for your question.

On this page you will find a large number of brochures in English with the help I can offer.


I work with my own coaching approach "Tosca style" in which personal responsibility and doing what is necessary are paramount.


I can help you determine your personal goals and support you in achieving them.


I work in a career path with main steps, Self-Analysis, Determining Direction & ACTION, which I know from my years of experience that this method works!



"The Tosca way" is: enthusiastic, result-oriented, practical & personal.


Our conversations can take place face to face in Veldhoven, via video calls or by telephone.

You can also choose to have the conversations in an efficient and effective way without having to travel time and to have the conversations from your own familiar environment.

If you come by car, there is sufficient parking space available.


A click with a coach is more important than the travel distance!


Plan your appointment right away! 


Do you have a question or do you want to make an appointment?


Call me on 06 28 31 82 79 or fill in the contact form so that I can contact you.